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Posted on: July 6, 2010 12:56 pm


Bob Probert, dead at 45. The headline was a shock. Tough guys aren't supposed to die, let alone one considered the toughest of the tough of his era. He played hard and he fought even harder. Let's remember him for the intensity he brought to the ice, and if we must rehash his problems away from the rink lets use them as an opportunity to learn from his mistakes.

Bob Probert had his demons, as we all do. As intense as my dislike is for the Red Wings, he always had my respect. He's a hockey player, he's human, and a damned tough man. That's how I'll remember him.

RIP #24. You're always a true tough guy. Condolences to your family, friends, and the Wings organization (Yes, I know he played elsewhere, but he'll always be a Red Wing in my eyes).

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