Posted on: January 26, 2010 4:52 pm

Drama Queen Revisited: PRFD

A rerun from August 2009. May as well put it up before the drama starts. Again.

A little discussed disease is slowly affecting the sports world and it needs to be brought into the light. Lately many have suffered its effects but few athletes have talked much about it and it remains not only frequently undiagnosed but without exception untreated. Growing public concerns have been met with an apathetic ear by the owners, media, and respective (but not respected) commissioners.

The scientific and medical research communities must soon address these concerns before this illness spreads into the general population. By no means am I crying Chicken Little . Continually ignoring the signs and symptoms won't make this disease go away. It must be treated. I'm talking of course about

                                    Post Retirement Favre Disorder

The list of afflicted athletes seems to grow daily. Some we hear about, but many wander through their post-professional career everyday lives without even realizing they've been exposed to the virus. Just recently WR Derrick Mason of the Baltimore Ravens was stricken. We recognize many of the names, but how many more must fall before the powers-that-be take notice? Here is a partial list (feel free to add the names of other victims I missed or was unaware):

Derrick Mason-Baltimore Ravens
Roger Clemens-Pick a team
Michael Jordan-Chicago Bulls/Birmingham Barons
Alonzo Mourning-Miami Heat
George Foreman-Boxing
Lance Armstrong-Cycling
Mario Lemieux-Pittsburgh Penguins
Wilt Chamberlain-Los Angeles Lakers
Sugar Ray Leonard-Boxing
Ricky Williams-Saints/Dolphins/CFL
Muhammad Ali-Boxing
Magic Johnson-Los Angeles Lakers

How many more must fall victim before this growing epidemic is addressed? It only takes a moment to open your hearts and your wallets. Won't you please give....today? (Yes, I'm channeling Sally Struthers )

One last thought (now channeling Homer Simpson ): Brett, you liar!

Thanks for reading.

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