Posted on: January 7, 2010 10:25 pm

An Injection of B(C)S for the NFL

BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock: You guys had a great season…yea, their undefeated, but right now what are there..six of them are undefeated, so not everybody can play…..and…..uh…

With that thought in mind, and in the truest spirit of competition and fair play that can only come from an upstanding organization like the Bowl Championship Series, the unilateral decision has been made to adapt the BCS philosophy to pro football. Sooooo, bend over and accept that a bunch of guys sitting around an NCAA sanctioned dorm somewhere in North America has decided who will play in the 2010 Super Bowl. Bend over and accept it, just as you have this bogus college football 'championship'. Without further ado or adont, the teams who will compete for the Vince Lombardi trophy this season are...............

Baltimore Ravens  vs  New Orleans Saints

Why? Because the BCS is all-knowing and all-powerful and says so. Don't like those choices? Swallow hard, hang your head and accept it, just like Boise State, TCU, Cincinnati, and all the other teams worthy of playing in a playoff system had to. Money talks, big money talks loudest, and BCS officials have an ear for the sound of briefcases being stuffed full of small unmarked bills.

What a joke.

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